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Against Child Trafficking

ACT promotes the full implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) that first and foremost gives children the right to be cared for by their parents. It is the responsibility of the State to support families and communities in the upbringing of their children. Intercountry adoption may only be considered if there is no way at all to bring up a child in-country.

The last fifty years an adoption industry has been developping that serves the growing demand for children in the Western world. An industry in which huge sums of money are involved.
Children are obtained for adoption through coercion, fraud and kidnapping, but also through too permissive laws on child relinquishment and/or too rapid termination of parental rights. In many cases unscrupulous go-betweens have found that large profits can be made by arranging the transfer of children from poverty-stricken homes to people with means.
Many such children are sold for money (disguised as adoption fees) either through independent adoptions or through licensed and accredited adoption agencies and regulated by adoption laws.
ACT considers this a demand-driven market in children, which should be labeled as child trafficking and stopped.


17 yo American girl found biological parents in China

She was adopted by an American woman when she was 7 months old in Anhui, China. Now she is trying to learn Chinese language.

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"I think that the blood relationship between the birth parents and I can not let go, my heart would like to see them." Said this is American Chinese girl Laney Allison, she was very young American mother being from Ma On Shanhospital adoption (Xinan Evening News, May 21 has been reported).
 Yesterday, Laney the end of the month-long study of Chinese in Beijing, with his own mother came to Ma On Shan, and began tracing the journey.

The reporter saw the mother and child at a hotel in Ma On Shan.Talking about his wish, Laney full of feeling, "I was a bright child, childhood with her mother there are huge differences in the appearance of my mother is a single mother, she was very open-minded, when I just sensible , she told me how I came here from China in these years, I and my American mother live very happy 15 years old, I suddenly want to know another version of his life - my biological parents and I know no one wants to discard her own children, that is part of their lives, they must feel they are powerless to take care of me, was forced to send me away, the moment their hearts certainly very sad and I know they love me very much, because the choice to let go a kind of love.Many of my friends would ask me, why should return to China to tracing? I am eager to understand the lived seven months, eager to know that I have no brothers or sisters, parents these days. The miss and love all the waves in my mind. "Laney's mother is a kind person, she is proud for his own daughter in China. Help the daughter of tracing the process, she plays the role of a "good partner" ready to share or solve unexpected surprise or disappointment.
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Son lost to human traffickers reunited with dad after 20 years

A man, who lost his son to human traffickers more than 20 years ago, was reunited with him last month. Father and son tell Xu Wei their stories in Chongqing.
For Hu Shangming, a major part of the last 21 years of his life was spent searching and waiting for his son, who was abducted by human traffickers. The 50-year-old resident of Chongqing municipality spent two years desperately looking for his son, who was abducted in January 1991.

After using up his savings in the quest, he decided to wait at the exact spot where his son was abducted in the hope that his son would find him there. "Over the years, I've turned from being a fruit vendor to running a teahouse, but I've not moved from the same location," Hu says.

In 2011, local police who were investigating human traffickers, reopened Hu's case. They took Hu's DNA sample to match those at the national DNA bank for abducted children. And that, ended Hu's wait.

Hu was reunited with his son in Xiamen, Fujian province, on June 2 this year.
"I knew I would find him one day," he says.

Even though it has been two decades, the memory of the day when his son was abducted remains fresh in Hu's mind.

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China's Stolen Children

Chinese authorities have hailed the success of an operation last week in which they arrested 800 human traffickers and rescued nearly two hundred children.
But the high-profile raids revealed the extent of child trafficking across the country.
The BBC's Beijing correspondent, Martin Patience, has been speaking to parents who are still searching for their missing sons and daughters.

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