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Silence greets exposure of corrupt adoption practices

By Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer

Saturday July 29 2006
THREE weeks ago the Irish Independent published secretly recorded
interviews with My Linh Soland, the woman who organised all 150 of the
Vietnamese adoptions to Ireland since 2004.

Ms Soland revealed the adoptions were corrupt, that birth certificates
were routinely forged, that officials who declared children abandoned
knew exactly where their parents were, how money meant for
humanitarian aid was part of the corruption and that Vietnamese
officials at the highest levels were getting pay-offs.

She named the names and how much everyone received.

We have it all on tape.

There was so much money involved that Vietnamese children were being
removed from their parents unethically and illegally for profit. Ms
Soland, who arranged adoptions to France and the US, grossed over $1m
from Irish couples alone.

The story was a nightmare for the 150 adoptive Irish couples who now
do not know the true history of their adoptive child.... click here for article