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Kidnapped Chinese Babies?

Paradoxically, the one-child policy in China has created a system where buying (or kidnapping) and selling babies is a lucrative business.
The recent news released by Xinhua, the Chinese government’s news agency, about the rescue of kidnapped children is repeated every year or two. The rescued children are either old enough to be forced into slave labor, or worse, as victims of organ harvesting. In other cases, girls are sold to bachelor groups as sexual slaves.
But most disturbing perhaps is a system that has created a lucrative market of selling babies for adoption. Infant boys fetch a high price, but girls, too, are not spared. Besides the profitable foreign adoption industry, baby girls can be sold domestically to Chinese families seeking to raise future brides for their only sons.
The December 2006 announcement by the government of the People’s Republic of China of its tighter guidelines for foreign adoption was explained as the diminishing supply of available babies. The Chinese claimed that they could no longer meet the growing demand from foreigners wishing to adopt.

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