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Uganda: Father Duped Into Selling Own Children

When Saturday Vision ran a story of a lost child, Marvin Jakisa, who was stranded at Old Kampala Police Station, little did anyone know it would open a Pandora's box. Gladys Kalibbala followed up the child tracking saga of four children uprooted from Masaka and sold to a family in Nebbi district.

It started in October 2008 when Kenneth Mpiima, a builder residing in Katooke village, Nansana, shared his financial problems with colleagues at a church for Bornagain Christians in Nsambya, Nabisalu zone.

His soft drinks business in a small shop at the New Taxi Park was collapsing and he could no longer afford to take care of his children.

His colleagues introduced him to Pauline Rachiwu, who offered to take his children to an organisation based in Nebbi. "She said she had people who had helped educate children to higher levels," Mpiima recalls.

He handed over his three children, Moses Kisakye, 6, David Mukisa, 3 and Janet Ruth Natukunda, 2.

 He also advised a friend, Edith Nassiwa, who was also struggling with her son, Marvin Jakisa, 5, to do the same. The four children were given to Pauline.

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