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*A worldwide meeting place, news hub, and  human rights advocacy space for families separated by adoption. We shed light on the hidden side of adoption.

cofounded by: The Vance Twins (www.vancetwins.com).
We support the work of Against Child Trafficking (ACT) at www.againstchildtrafficking.org. ACT promotes the full implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).It gives children the right to know and be cared the child’s family by birth.

 Mission Statement: -to monitor, find resources, scrutinize, investigate, critique adoption policies and procedures, raise awareness, and share diverse adoption experiences.

We offer a full description of adoption as opposed to the one-sided stories promoted by agency advertising and marketing campaigns. Your voice matters. Let your voice be heard. TOGETHER we are strong.

Who are we? We are not just adoptees—we are adoptees with a purpose. We are advocates and activists for proper implementation of the UNCRC. We advocate for the rights of mothers, fathers, children and families severed by adoption, and against the present adoption system. We also provide articles and blogs to educate the mainstream on the history of adoption and current worldwide practices. We question and analyze the adoption industry on a global level, not just a national one.

Out of consideration for the mothers and fathers who have lost their children to adoption, please refrain from using the word "birth" mother, "birth" father. This word has been used by the adoption industry in an effort to belittle and take advantage of vulnerable parents. Parents of adoption loss prefer the terms of first, natural, original (or no precursor at all) to refer to them.
This is the first public group that has invited all members involved in adoption to participate in a discussion. Until now, families of adoption-loss have been excluded from the industry dialogue  and from adoption policy making. We are the first public group to invite parents of adoption-loss to speak about child protection. Please understand that the topic is very sensitive and personal for all involved—especially for parents of adoption-loss and adopted people. Many members have been aware of unethical adoption practices for many years but  resisted by the mainstream from sharing stories, therefore, comments by some members might be blunt in nature. Critical point of views might be construed as extreme or radical by those who are not aware of human rights in accordance with the United Nations or have been sheltered from all sides of adoption.

Suggestions while participating include:

· Be Supportive – Let’s support each other! Remember, we are educating the public on the hidden side of adoption. The priority is to inform and spread awareness. Angry emotions toward the corruption and scandals are normal and acceptable.
· Self-Monitor - Make sure that whatever you post comes from a place of receptiveness and understanding. Enjoy each other’s knowledge and experiences.
· Allowance – Allow that all members have their own opinion - agree to disagree.
· Non-judgment - Give everyone the benefit of the doubt. It's human nature to help others.
· Detachment – If you’re hit with resistance, don’t take comments personally.
· Protect - If you feel insulted or unsafe, placing a “FB block” can help.

Due to the sensitive nature and very personal experiences, we cannot be responsible for the attitude and actions of members. The discussions can be heated so please be considerate of everyone's life experiences. No threats please. If discussions explode out of control or defeat the purpose of our mission then we have the right to 1.) Delete threads 2.) Remove members

To track complete adoption news and CEO earnings, go to: http://poundpuplegacy.org/   

If you are looking for a missing family member or if you are an adopted person, you are welcome to post your search on: https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/The-Search-for-Mother-Missing-a-peek-inside-international-adoption/507330895960230?fref=ts