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A Book Review for The Last Invisible Continent: Essays on Identity and Adoption

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The Last Invisible Continent: Essays on Identity and Adoption by Michael Allen Potter (MAP) explores a real adoptee experience in an articulate and intuitive manner, properly balanced between logic and emotion and (thank God!) without the fairytale fluff.
During MAP’s journey to recoup identity, the author manages to stay in tune with his inner self, honestly relaying personal and universal defining moments. The reader is gifted with the real deal and a multi-dimensional account on life, loss and gains.

There are so many elements that constitute MAP. His experience as an American orphan turned domestically adopted person touches even me—a transracial and intercountry adoptee. I found that I resonate with his essay “God is Electric, Jesus is Electrochemical” the most.

In the effort to obtain adoption documents, like so many of us adoptees naturally do, he returns to the Catholic orphanage for answers and, as he says, “some sort of vague accountability” in pursuit of his real family.

“All I really wanted was a picture of my father or my mother. All I wanted was my sister’s address or my brother’s phone number. Something. I wanted my fucking family back.”
Somehow, influenced by orphanage portraiture, pleasantries and propaganda (seasoned by authoritative “suspicion and disapproval”), he maintains enough composure to be able to relate his tale authentically.
“I have been pushed through the phases of Catholic family farming: baptism, Sunday school, first communion, and confession. I have come out on the other end mangled and dubious.”
I truly believe that the reader will be able to connect with at least one of the many layers that constitute MAP’s identities. The Last Invisible Continent makes me think of all the domestically adopted citizens camouflaged within the United States who so deserve to be acknowledged.
Pick up the book and live vicariously through MAP. And if you’re adopted give yourself permission to search for a portion of your own truth. Take this collection of essays along with you as a newfound friend.
You can’t dismiss great writing. I am now a MAP fan! Click HERE for a link to his book on Amazon!
Janine Vance