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Your baby is dead: Mothers say their supposedly stillborn babies were stolen from them

Sheri Sexton says her mother was told her younger sister was stillborn, but Ms. Sexton believes her sibling was actually adopted out. Ms. Sexton believes her own adoption is suspicious, too, partly because she says her adoptive grandmother was her natural mother’s nurse. She also said the same doctor is listed on both hers and her stillborn sister’s hospital records.

This is how the woman, then young, remembered the August day in 1963 on which she gave birth to her illegitimate daughter: She was in an Edmonton hospital; the doctor ordered she receive an injection. She blacked out, and when she started to come to, a male voice said: “knock her out.”
She claimed she woke up sometime later and was told she had given birth to a girl, but the baby had died.

Her baby girl did not die, though. She was adopted by a married couple.

“I never wanted to give up any child of mine for adoption,” the Edmonton mother swore in an affidavit before her recent death. “I went through my entire life believing that the baby I carried in 1963 had died…. I believe that I was lied to and my baby was stolen from me.”

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