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Couples Outraged With Adoption Agency

Connecticut couples looking to adopt are out of thousands of dollars after the agency filed for bankruptcy.
A Farmington family is out more than $35,000 and, for now, lost hope for adopting a baby girl.
A Texas adoption agency closed its doors in early April, sending a ripple effect to families across the country and Europe in the midst of the adoption process. On April 24, Adoption Services Associates of San Antonio filed for bankruptcy, listing nearly 900 couples and individuals as potential creditors. Seventy one of them are from Connecticut.

Tom and Kerry Craft of Farmington are among the dozens of families wondering what to do next.
“It’s been a roller coaster,” said Tom Craft. “I can’t even say it’s been a roller coaster. It’s been a downhill spiral.”

The Crafts used an agency in Texas instead of Connecticut to take advantage of more favorable adoption laws for the adoptive parents. They were approved by the agency in July 2011, and by February 2012, they were matched up with a birth mother.

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