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Stepfather admits handcuffing Howes, denies abuse

UNION leader Paul Howes' former stepfather revealed he handcuffed the Labor figure to a chair when he was eight years old but denied he was abusive.

Gary Howes, a former NSW police officer, has told The Sunday Telegraph he is suing his former stepson and Women's Weekly for defamation over an article titled "My gut-wrenching adoption secret".

The profile detailed Paul Howes' troubled childhood that led to him becoming homeless at the age of 14.

His estranged stepfather confirmed he was carrying a gun when he handcuffed Mr Howes as a child.

"I did handcuff him," Gary Howes said. "He was going to run so I handcuffed him to a chair. I didn't trust my own anger. I had a gun in my hand. I was a policeman and I was on duty and I had a gun."

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