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Adoptive Parents in France Defend System of Buying Babies

22. 1. 2007

Bobigny, France - The first adoptive parents caught in a Bulgarian baby - trafficking network sought Monday to defend a clandestine system in which they had haggled over the price of newborns and paid for them in cash. More than 50 Bulgarians and French adoptive parents went on trial in a suburban court northeast of Paris for suspected roles in a secret network dating from 2002.

The system operated by word of mouth to reach desperate couples in France's Roma, or Gypsy, communities, who negotiated prices from €3,000 to €7,000, or about ,900 to ,100, for 22 babies, with boys commanding top prices. "You will tell your child one day about the birth?" the presiding judge asked the first couple who appeared before the tribunal in the 10-day trial. "And you will explain to the child that he was purchased?" ....

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