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Archive for Sunday, September 03, 2006

By Russell Working

The Funk family went to China two years ago to adopt a baby girl who had been abandoned on a sidewalk near a textile factory. They named her Mia.

Last year, the Ramirezes went to China to adopt a girl who had been abandoned on the same spot a week later. As it happened, they also named her Mia.

The Funks live in Lyons, a suburb of Chicago. The Ramirezes live near Miami.
In May, Diana Ramirez wrote about her daughter’s upcoming birthday on an Internet site for parents who had adopted from the orphanage in Yangzhou.

Holly Funk saw it and wrote back, “Diana, I have a Mia as well and she is almost 3.”

A flurry of e-mails followed. Then DNA testing provided evidence of what the families had come to suspect: The girls were fraternal twins, separated hours after their birth....

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