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Ethiopia: U.S. Adoption Agency Involved in Child Trafficking

A Minnesota-based adoption agency had its license to work in Ethiopia revoked by the government there, according to a letter posted this week on the U.S. State Department's website here.
The letter, dated December 8, 2010, says the agency Better Futures Adoption Services (BFAS), "has been involved in child trafficking." The letter is signed by the director general of the Charities and Society Agency. That agency and the Ministry of Women's Affairs, which both oversee international adoptions of Ethiopian children, had been "researching" allegations into BFAS activities...

...There were 2277 adoptions of Ethiopian children to the US in 2009, up from just 731 three years earlier. As CBS News reported last April, that dramatic spike in the number of foreign adoptions from that country has opened the country up to cases of adoption fraud and trafficking in children.

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