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Former Holt CEO accused of sex abuse

Cousineau resigned from the Holt position in April, two months after the adoption agency learned he had once been accused of molesting an 11-year-old boy in California. An independent law firm hired by Holt couldn't substantiate those allegations, but the agency decided the accusation had impaired Cousineau's ability to manage Holt.

The plaintiff in the new suit said in a telephone interview that she decided to file after learning Cousineau worked in a job involving children.

"I heard he worked with orphans, and I just thought that was a scary situation," she said. "I felt I had to come forward and that something needed to be done."

Holt learned the woman was considering litigation An action brought in court to enforce a particular right. The act or process of bringing a lawsuit in and of itself; a judicial contest; any dispute.

When a person begins a civil lawsuit, the person enters into a process called litigation.
during its own review of Cousineau's past, said Kevin Sweeney Kevin Sweeney is a Piedmont, California, based business consultant, author, and former special assistant to US Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt during the Clinton administration. , the agency's interim director. He said he was unaware that a suit had been filed and couldn't comment without seeing it.

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