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Family Support condemns baby selling

THE Family Support Center here in Honiara has condemned the recent reports of young girls selling, giving away or putting up their newly born babies for adoption, a new illegal practice that is common at the Honiara Central Market nowadays.
A statement from the FSC condemning this stated that such practices are not only illegal but also violates the rights of the newly born baby to be mothered by his or her biological mother.

“The Family Support Center strongly condemns such practices and sees it as unacceptable, inexcusable and inhumane.
“How can an innocent newly born baby be sold, given away or up for adoption as any other product or Barbie doll that one can purchase from the shops in town or at the market?
“This is a serious violation under the rights of the child, especially the rights of the newly born babies to be cared for by their own mother, the mother that gave birth to them and not another,” a spokesperson from the Center said....
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