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Sit-Down With A Molestation Survivor;

NANCY GRACE, HOST: Tonight, a prime-time live exclusive. In all my years of criminal law, I`ve never seen anything like it.

She was raised with nothing in an obscure Russian orphanage, abandoned by her own mother. But then, suddenly, an adoptive father comes to the rescue.

Tonight, the story of a little girl adopted through a legitimate U.S. adoption agency to an American pedophile. From ages 5 to 10, she endured nightly molestation, and then being photographed by her adoptive father, making her one of the most popular child porn stars on the Internet. But this story doesn`t end in tragedy.

Tonight, the miracle girl who beat the odds. The little girl who survived is with us live.

Good evening, everybody. I`m Nancy Grace.

I want to thank you for being with us tonight.

Tonight, an unprecedented live exclusive with a child who has shown more courage in her short life than most of us show in a lifetime. Abandoned by her own mother, she escaped a Russian orphanage, where she kept all her worldly possessions under her pillow, to America.

Yes, she was adopted by an American -- an American pedophile. For five years, she lived through torture, starting at age 5. Horrible child porn of this little child plastered on the Internet.

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