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Adoptee seeks end to overseas adoptions

Adoptee seeks end to overseas adoptions
August 04, 2007
As the biggest-ever meeting of Korean overseas adoptees wraps up its five-day event tomorrow in Seoul, another group of adoptees has adifferent goal: ending the practice of overseas adoptions altogether.

Jane Trenka, a 35-year-old U.S. adoptee living and working in Seoul, said yesterday that about 100 adoptees she organized will stage an anti-overseas adoption protest at the Dongguk University subway station in central Seoul. A group of dozens of birth mothers who put their children up for adoption will join the protest, the first of its kind by Korean adoptees, Trenka said. Trenka said her group will try to collect 1 million signatures against international adoption and present the petitions to the National Assembly.

“I think everybody agrees the best thing for children is to be raised by their own mothers,” said Trenka, a copy editor for the Yonhap News Agency. “Perhaps, materially, we [adoptees] can have more, but we aretalking about mother-children relationships, and I think they are moreimportant than money.”....

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