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Dear Birthparent: What The Baby Brokers Don't Tell You About Adoptees

Natural Families
By Anne Patterson, an adoptee

For all the things that are written and told about adoption, few are the truth. As a reunited adult adoptee I hope to shed as much light on this issue as possible within my lifetime.

If asked by anyone considering adoption "Is adoption a good choice"? My answer unreservedly would be "NO". Adoption is NOT a healthy or a goodchoice. If you ask a baby if they want to be adopted they would say if they could talk a thousand times over "NO". Each year hundreds of people are lied to about adoption, it is time for those who are it's experts to come forward and share it's reality.

Adoption is a permanent solution to a temporary situation. It is important to stress that it is NOT the baby that is a problem, it is thecircumstances in one's life that is or could be presently challenging.

Adoption is a negative, punitive exercise of robbing babies and children from their mothers, their heritage, their roots, their identities, andtheir rights as human beings. Adoptees lose from the minute they are separated from their mothers. This loss is cloaked in lies, andillusions.

For those promoting adoption, the idea is that it is a gain for the baby or the child. Being surrendered for adoption is not a gain in the least. No amount of money, or a two parent family, nor anything can replace the real and natural mother for adoptees. Nothing can replace the heritage and connections with others in the natural family as well.They won't tell you this but I will - from day one we grieve and are sad to have lost our mothers and are not happy! Not only are babies sad they are also afraid. We know our mothers, we grow inside their wombs. We hear the music of their hearts, we know their smell, we trust and love them by nature. They are ours, our universe - all that we know, all that we feel, love and are attached to. Adoption takes our universe away. If someone took away all that you love and all that you know how would you feel?....
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