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Parents Sentenced in Starvation Death of Boy

Release Date: April 17, 2008


The parents of Dennis Merryman, who was systematically abused and starved to death over four years, were sentenced for Child Abuse Resulting in a Death.

Samuel Merryman 40 and his wife Donna Merryman 45 were each sentenced by Judge Emory Plitt in Harford County to twenty-two years in the Diviion of Correction for causing the death of their adopted son. The Merrymans had plead guilty during the trial of the case.

The case was investiged by the Harford County Sheriff and prosecuted by Assistant State's Attorneys Diane Tobin and Lisa Marts. The judge in passing sentence said the message that should come out of this case is that courts will not tolerate the abuse of the most trusting, vulverable members of our society. The sentence exceeded the maximum suggested by the sentencing guidelines....

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