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U.S. Ambassador Taubman speaks out on adoption and crime

U.S. Ambassador Taubman speaks out on adoption and crime
Alecs Iancu

Romania must respect its pledge to resolve inter-country adoption cases, in spite of the virtual ban of all inter-country adoptions after new laws came in effect last year, said the U.S. ambassador.

"The American government believes the Romanian government has made several promises regarding the adoption of children by American familiesand this promise (...) must be respected," said U.S. Ambassador Nicholas F. Taubman during a press conference yesterday.

After new adoption laws came in effect at the beginning of last year, Romania banned international adoptions except in cases when the adopting couple and the child are closely blood related. The move, which came following EU criticism of previous, "too permissive" laws, angered several countries whose residents had begun adoption procedures of Romanian orphans. The U.S. has repeatedly criticized the new legislation and asked authorities to review it in order to allow a favorable solution at least to the requests filed by U.S. couples before the ban came in effect....

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