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Russia's Orphans Sold to the Highest Bidders

Russia’s Orphans Sold to the Highest Bidders
Created: 18.04.2005 19:03 MSK (GMT +3), Updated: 15:05 MSK

Legal proceedings against Irma Pavlis, who a Chicago jury found guilty
of involuntary manslaughter of her adopted son Alexei, was in the
Russian headlines last week. In the United States, the case did not get
as much publicity, with only the Chicago Tribune and the local media
paying attention.

But in Russia, logically enough — after all, a six-year-old boy was
killed nowhere else, but in the U.S. — the case received at least 50
publications a day. Most of them referred the reader to Chicago Tribune
articles and to AP materials. News editors cynically call the Pavlis
news “the anti-American sensation” and spent little time working on
them: anti-Americanism sells well both in Russia and out of it.

But what’s tragic is that behind the “Americans killing our children”
speculations few people can see the real problems....

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