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Children Snatched: Exposed but child traffickers get a free run in Maharashtra.

Adoption Watchdog gives child traffickers Clean Chit. Regulatory authority's chief absolves adoption agency after it pays for his hotel bill.
Adoption watchdog gives child traffickers clean chit
Parul Malik / CNN-IBN
Published on Sunday , October 21, 2007 at 01:26 in Nation »
India section New Delhi/ Pune: Preet Mandir, an adoption agency in Pune, is the front for a child trafficking racket. A CNN-IBN Special Investigation exposed Preet Mandir and its owner J S Bhasin last year but it is still in business because India's adoption watchdog has turned a blind eye.After CNN-IBN's investigation in June 2006, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) was asked to investigate Preet Mandir. The CBI says it took the testimonies of unwed mothers who said they willingly handed over their babies for adoption. But one such mother says the CBI never questioned her."No one from the CBI approached me. I didn't give up my child and the adoption agency asked me to sign a paper," says the woman, who didn't want her name to be revealed....

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