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Internet Adoption

Jan. 25, 2006
Internet Adoption

Ivan Zherdev, president of the U.S. Yunona Charitable Fund, has been detained in Russia on suspected infringement of child’s privacy right and on suspected fraud. According to Krasnodar investigators, Yunona’s business was to illegally gather and sell to adoption agencies the data on private lives of children from Russia’s orphan homes or boarding schools. Exactly Yunona helped adopt Alex Geiko, who was killed by his adoptive mother Irma Pavlis just in a few months after leaving for the United States.

Ivan Zherdev of Russia set up Yunona Charitable Fund in California in 1994 to cover Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan and to extend to Guatemala, Vietnam and some other countries. Krasnodar office of Yunona was founded by Ivan Zherdev in tandem with his brother Vladimir....

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