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Guatemalan bishops fear for-profit adoption approach

Guatemalan bishops fear for-profit adoption approach Guatemala, Dec. 11, 2007 (FIDES/CWNews. com) - The Catholic bishops of Guatemala are concerned that adoption agencies may be motivated by a desire for profit rather than the welfare of children, the Fides news service reports. "In Guatemala, some people have made adoption of children a profitable business, losing the noble desire to give a home to a child who has been abandoned, or is disabled or unwanted." This affirmation was part of a statement issued by the bishops' conference of Guatemala in view of the imminent approval on December 11 of a new adoption law.

The statement reads, "people trade the lives of girls and boys as if they were products, purchased through networks of child trafficking. " Many of the children are not given voluntarily; instead we see "trickery, renting of wombs, and kidnapping."

The bishops say that this situation is a symptom of a profound crisis in human and moral values in the country. "Congress must now shoulder its responsibility approving an adoption law which protects and guarantees the rights of the child and adopt a firm position against the excesses and immoral attitudes which have turned adoption into a trade," the bishops' statement concludes. http://www.cwnews.com/news/viewstory.cfm?recnum=55276