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Adoption attitudes, law changing

Sun May 13, 2007 3:50 pm (PST)
Adoption attitudes, law changing
By Brian Breuhaus, Deputy Editor

New laws that took effect this year designed to encourage Koreans to adopt more children while discouraging foreigners from doing so are having the desired effect, leaders of an adoption civic group said yesterday.

But there are still thousands of children languishing in orphanages because either there aren't enough families willing to take them or they cannot be adopted because their parents didn't sign the proper papers, the group said."

This has been a burden in my heart for 10 years. How can I help those children?" said Stephen Morrison, an ethnic Korean who was adopted by an American family. Under the new laws, a Korean can adopt a child for free. Foreigners must pay between 15 and 20 million won. Also, the government will give Koreans a stipend of 100,000 won per child per month for each child adopted, and 550,000 won for each special needs child. Singles are also now allowed to adopt a child....

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