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Adoption Facts & Abuse

This page deals with adoption in terms of it being abusive towards
mothers and adoptees. Adoption is a form of child abuse.

Adoption is child abuse, slavery and rape all combined into one pretty
package and marketed to wealthy infertile couples.

Adoption is deemed a "loving option" by social workers and adoption
agencies. Adoption puts children at risk for many psychological
problems that range in severity. This may sound like love to those
receiving the money within the adoption industry, but it should scream
child abuse to anyone else. Since the 1940s professionals have known
of the damaging affects adoption has on both mothers and their
children. Psychologists and social workers have learned that no
material advantage can make up for the loss of its own mother.

The abuse that the adoptee suffers thoughout their lives comes in many
forms. As infants, they are separated from the only person they have
ever known: their mothers. They are born into the world expecting to
have the familiar scent of family and the warm voice they grew
accustomed to in utero, and instead, they are handed over to strangers
masquarating as "mommy" and "daddy." Because of the severing of the
child's most natural bond occurs at a time when the child cannot
communicate his emotions and experiences, it is a trauma that will
stay with him into adulthood. Adopted people report to struggle with
their identities as the legal lie that they are "as if born to" their
adopters works better on paper than it does in the real world....

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