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Why is it that adoption agency's only focus on the promotion of adoption…?

and not the negative affects of it?
I've been reading article after article written by agency's, Aps, and
pro adoption organizations and the focus is pretty much on the
positive? aspects based on "perception" and not scientific research.

If adoption is about the welfare of children wouldn't it be wise to
look at all the affects adoption has on children..good and bad instead
of just focusing on the positive and dismissing the negative?

It appears that most scientific research being done on the negative
affects have been done by sources not affiliated with promoting
adoption. Why aren't Aps insisting that adoption related organizations
push for more studies to be done?

How can anyone adopting in this day and age, say that they are
adopting in the best interest of children when they don't bother or
could care less about the negative affects it will have on the

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