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Child abduction trade reported in China

Mon Sep 18, 2006 3:54 pm (PST)
Asia-Pacific News

Child abduction trade reported in China
Sep 18, 2006, 19:04 GMT

BEIJING, China (UPI) -- Britain`s Sky News says it has found that trade
in child abduction goes on in China with the victims` families
complaining of coverup by authorities.

The report said hundreds, if not thousands of children, have been taken
from their families, who say they are being harassed by police for
trying to find their children.

The report said boys are the main targets because of strict birth
control laws limiting parents to two children.

One man admitted to Sky News to kidnapping children and selling them to
help pay debts. He said he even sold his own for about $750.

One orphanage reportedly had bought a number of abducted children and
sold them to other orphanages for a profit. Some of the children are
also adopted by foreign couples in exchange for a $3,500 donation per

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