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Anti-Adoption Opinions

Anti-Adoption Opinions
Knowing what those who oppose adoption have to say is part of knowing
about adoption. Read anti-adoption opinions, documents, and personal

Abolish Adoption
A strong anti-adoption stance from Lori Carangelo. The site includes
excerpts of her writings, statistics, search information, and
alternatives to adoption.

Adoption : Legalized Lies
The goal of this group is to outlaw all adoption, and provide a focus
for those hurt by adoption. Home of the Anti-Adoption Mailing List.

"Birth" Mothers Exploited by Adoption
"Natural mothers ('birthmothers' ) exploited by the adoption industry,
telling the truth about our loss and grief, and the forced/coerced
surrender of our babies."

"Opening Pandora's Box"
German-born adoptee and author, Peter F. Dodds, believes that
international adoption causes more harm than good to the children

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