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In-laws refuse to accept adopted child

In-laws refuse to accept adopted child
Dear Annie: My husband and I have been married for five years. During
that time, my in-laws have never accepted me.

Because of some minor health problems that could make pregnancy
difficult, my husband and I adopted a beautiful son from another
country. Although it was initially my idea, my husband agreed and loves
this child. His parents, however, have not and will not.

We recently had our son baptized. When my mother-in-law came for the
baptism, she walked around our house with her sunglasses on and didn't
speak to anyone. Our son tried to hug and touch his grandmother, and she
turned and walked away. She told us she could never accept this child.

A few weeks later, my in-laws wanted to stop by on their way to a
vacation. I told my husband that his father could come, but his mother
was not welcome in my house again. My husband's father told him, "Have a
nice life," and we haven't heard from them in two months....

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