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...."The Lie We Love" by E. J. Graff, from Foreign Policy - a
heartbreaking article about international adoption. Many adopted
children are not orphans. Many have been kidnapped, stolen or
purchased from their birth families. Some excerpts:

As international adoptions have flourished, so has evidence that
babies in many countries are being systematically bought, coerced, and
stolen away from their birth families. Nearly half the 40 countries
listed by the U.S. State Department as the top sources for
international adoption over the past 15 years—places such as Belarus,
Brazil, Ethiopia, Honduras, Peru, and Romania—have at least
temporarily halted adoptions or been prevented from sending children
to the United States because of serious concerns about corruption and

In reality, there are very few young, healthy orphans available
for adoption around the world. Orphans are rarely healthy babies;
healthy babies are rarely orphaned. “It’s not really true,” says
Alexandra Yuster, a senior advisor on child protection with UNICEF,
“that there are large numbers of infants with no homes who either will
be in institutions or who need intercountry adoption.” ....