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Dad To Madonna: Don't Adopt My Girl

Dad To Madonna: Don't Adopt My Girl
In "Early Show" World Exclusive, Malawian Man Thought To Be Her Father
Explains His Reasons For Opposing The Move

May 2, 2009James Kambewa, believed to be the biological father of
Mercy James, explains to

James Kambewa, believed to be biological father of "Mercy" James,
explains to correspondent Priya David why he does not want Madonna to
adopt his child. (CBS)

(CBS/ AP) The Malawian man thought to be the biological father of a
four-year-old girl Madonna hopes to adopt says he's opposed to it.

The pop superstar's appeal of a judge's decision rejecting her attempt
to adopt Chifundo "Mercy" James is slated to be heard Monday,
reportedly by Lovemore Munlo, the Chief Justice of the poor southern
African nation.

In an Early Show world exclusive, James Kambewa tells correspondent
Priya David, "I want to take care of her and I'm capable to take care
of my baby. ... Mercy, she is a Malawian -- so (I) need her to grow as
a Malawian, as well with our culture."

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