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On the trail of a trafficked child

By Louisa Lim
BBC correspondent in Kunming

In a poor district in the southern city of Kunming, children play beside heaps of gravel left by construction crews.

The scene brings back painful memories for Li Qifang and his wife, Pu Caiju.

More than two years ago their four-year-old son was playing outside their house when he was abducted. They have not seen him since.

"He disappeared on 15 March 2002. His father took him outside to play with his spinning top, and popped upstairs for two minutes. Suddenly the child wasn't there any more," said Pu Caiju.

"That day we couldn't imagine such a thing could happen. We were crazy with fear, searching the little alleys, big roads and bus stations. We searched for days, but didn't find anything," she said.

The couple now fear their son was abducted by a baby trafficking ring....

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