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Jolie-Pitt Clan to Expand, another Adoption Ahead

By Alexander Toldt
19:52, October 17th 2008

When Angelina Jolie said that she and her husband, Brad Pitt, want to become the parents of a dozen children someday, she wasn’t kidding. The beautiful actress told "Today’s" show host Matt Lauer Thursday morning that she and her hubby decided to adopt another child.

My opinion is that the example given by the celebrity couple is more than welcomed. If a couple wants to have lots of babies it should make two ore three and adopt the rest. There are many lonely children out there that need the warmth of a family.

However, according to therapists, Jolie doesn’t adopt children because she wants to set an example. The 33-year-old "Changeling" star has an abandonment issue stemming from her childhood and through these adoptions she may be trying to fill the lack of completion in her life, psychologist Leslie Seppinni told the Daily News....

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