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Parents Never Receive Adoptive Children; Agency Closed

POSTED: 10:33 pm EDT September 13, 2006
UPDATED: 10:44 pm EDT September 13, 2006

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PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. -- Seven couples said they spent a total of
$141,000 to adopt children they still have not received into their
families, and the man whom they said they paid is nowhere to be found.

Jose and Maria Estrada said they gave nearly $37,000 to an agency called

Adoption Placement in the hope of adopting two children from Russia.

"I dream of taking the children to the park. I dream of taking the
children to baseball games, taking them here, there, to Disney World.
This may never happen to us," Jose Estrada said.

Two years later, there is no sign of the children, the money or the man
who the Estradas said took the money, Robert Kuschel.

"First, he said that we have to trust the Lord," Maria Estrada said.

The Estradas said that was the first of several excuses.

"(We felt) disappointment (in) trusting someone that you feel was honest

and could come forward with a family for you, and now we see that it was

just a game," Maria Estrada said.

Rick Rammos and Jane Seaman gave Kuschel $27,000. Like the Estradas,
they have a bundle of e-mail excuses and no child....

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