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Adoption - Is Family Heritage a Human Right?

by Laurie Frisch
With the adoption industry promoting the illusion of adopters being the real parents of the unrelated children they are raising, adoptees are being denied basic knowledge about themselves. Who are they really? Who are their ancestors and what is their health history?

Marion, IA (PRWEB) July 20, 2004 -- In the movie "Roots II", the African man Kunta Kinte newly arrived in America and auctioned as a slave, submits to being whipped almost to death before he will acknowledge the new name given to him by his owner. This determination to maintain our identity is something most people relate to; fortunately most people will never know what it's like to have their own identity unacknowledged.

In adoption, the true identity of a human being is obliterated, beginning with the issuance of an amended birth certificate. The amended birth certificate lacks the adopted person's name at birth and her parents' names, instead identifying the adopters as having given birth. In some states, even the place and date of birth on these official documents are false. In spite of the Freedom of Information Act, even adoptees who are adults are denied access to their original birth certificate in most of the United States....

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