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Testimony heard in child's death trial

Testimony heard in child's death trial
Accused of abusing 2-year-old, mother faces murder charge
By Stephen Gurr
Staff Writer

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The wails of a dying 21-month-old child brought several people to tears
Tuesday in Forsyth County Superior Court.

As a recording played in court of a 911 call made by Jill Ellen
Depaillat seeking treatment for her gravely injured daughter, Mia,
Depaillat cried at the defense table where she is on trial for a charge
of murder.

On the witness stand, the operator who took the call cried as nearly six
minutes of sustained crying by the child was played. In the jury box, at
least one juror cried. In the gallery, spectators wept.

The heart-wrenching sounds punctuated the first full day of testimony
Tuesday when prosecutors sought to prove that Depaillat killed her
adopted daughter in April 2004 during a fit of rage....

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