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Expert warns that "offering" children for adoption could be illegal

SANTO DOMINGO.- From the amount of money which a company in SosĂșa, Puerto Plata province (north), receives from those interested in adopting a child and which supposedly conducts transactions for adoptions, it could be a case of people trafficking, warned the expert in family law Iraima Capriles yesterday.

She said that the company twice violates Law 136-03 of the Code for the System of Protection and the Fundamental Rights of Children and Adolescents, which does not contemplate the establishment of companies, in addition that it works for profit.

"That is already a business for profit and it does it illegally because human beings are neither in legal commerce nor in legal business, the human being is not susceptible to dealing, when there is money in an involved amount (RD$200,000), it practically becomes dealing with human beings," said Capriles....

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