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Orphanage paedophiles are jailed

A British charity worker who founded and ran several shelters for street children in Bombay was sentenced to six years' imprisonment yesterday, convicted of sexually abusing boys in his care.

A retired Royal Navy commander from London who was a regular visitor to the homes was convicted of the same offences, and the Indian manager of the shelters was found guilty of aiding and abetting their crimes.

Known as a 'saviour' of street children, Duncan Grant, 61, set up three shelters for homeless children aged eight to 18 in Bombay in the Nineties. He collected money from churches and schools in Britain, claiming in fundraising brochures that the homes were places where deprived children could 'receive medical attention, share...joys and sorrows with others or simply find someone to talk to'. Actress Felicity Kendal was persuaded to become a patron....

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