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Did GNP Leader Attacker Act Alone?

MAY 22, 2006 03:01
What connection do Ji (50), who attacked Grand National Party (GNP) leader Park Geun-hye with a box cutter, and Park (54), the one who caused disturbance on the podium, have?

This and the motive for the crime are the biggest question marks the prosecution/police joint investigation team has to solve. If by any chance, the two suspects have some kind of a connection or belong to a certain organization, this case can be defined as a “political terror.”

Given that the two men have little in common, it is possible that there is little connection between them, but the investigation team plans to identify their relationship prior to anything else.

Who is Ji?-

According to the police, Ji is an orphan. When he was a high school boy, Ji found out that his mother (81) is not actually his birth mother, and has gone astray ever since....

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