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Pune agency violates adoption laws

VK Shashikumar / CNN-IBN

Pune: Arun Dohle is a German who was born to Indian parents. In 1973, Arun's adoptive parents walked into Mahila Sewagram Ashram in Pune, adopted him, and returned to Germany.

"I am not against adoption or inter-country adoption. I am against the way it is done," he says.

Arun believes that the basic premise behind adoption in places like Mahila Sewagram Ashram is wrong. "Parents think they are adopting orphans and not children who've been taken from parents," he says.

Now, 33 years later, he is angry and trying to make sense of it all. "Once you realise that you are nothing else but a chicken which can be moved like a commodity, it's just bad," he resents.

Way back in 1973, India did not have an adoption law....

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