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Adoptive Slavery

May 17, 2006
After the Civil War, in 1865, slavery was to have been abolished, but
was it really?

Let's take a look at the word slavery and see what it means according to
Webster: "A person who is the property of another; to be bought or sold
with the receiver declaring ownership."

Now let us look at the word adopt: "To take (a child of other parents)
as approved by law and bring up as one's own child."

This is in reference to both parents being deceased or unknown. If any
of the parents are alive and either one wants the child, adoption is no
longer an option. This was the way it was done when orphanages were run
by private clubs, organizations and religious groups. Take notice that
at least one parent must want the child in order to keep the child
within the realm of its original family ties.

Getting back to slavery, the family had the individual taken without
permission or consent, but by force, after which papers were drawn to
show new ownership by purchase to make it legal....

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