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International adoption campaign stirs new controversy

International adoption campaign stirs new controversy
Denisa Maruntoiu

Following the publication in Monday's edition of British daily Financial
Times of a full-page advertisement entitled "Romania's concealed
childcare crisis" completed by 33 NGOs which denounced the child
protection system in Romania as ignoring the Romanian orphans and
pointed out that EU officials have no idea about the traumas the orphans
are subjected to in the Romanian institutions. The former EP's
rapporteur on Romania, Baroness Emma Nicholson, rejected all the
allegations. She pointed out that the non-governmental organizations
that have signed the document have a strong financial interest in the
resumption of the highly profitable international adoptions business.

In a letter to the editor entitled "Romania banned international
adoptions as an evil trade in children" published yesterday by Financial
Times, Nicholson said that Romania banned international adoptions in
2001 because it had turned into a trade....

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